Creating unique spaces with art
Alexey Naumenko is an artist working in traditional techniques to enhance the experience of the interior
Stained glass dome, 6x6 m
Stained glass
Stained glass is Alexey's primary artistic medium, with dozens of completed projects ranging from glass domes and church windows to private residences. In each project, he passionately transforms spaces into visually enchanting environments, consistently leaving his mark of excellence and turning ordinary settings into extraordinary spectacles of light and color.
Stained glass dome and celling, 4x4 m, 6x4 m
Stained glass lighting panel, 6 m²
Stained glass celling lights, 125x125 cm
Staircase window stained glass, 4.6 m²
Fresco painting is another expressive technique close to Alexey's heart, evident in the completion of numerous projects ranging from expansive public murals to intimate private spaces. His commitment to fresco art goes beyond mere decoration; it's a narrative unfolding on walls, infusing spaces with stories and emotions that redefine their essence. Through meticulous details and vibrant compositions, he leaves an indelible mark of artistic mastery, transforming ordinary surfaces into captivating, timeless narratives.
Wall painting in National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, 70 m²
Two story high wall painting, 14 m²
Floral wall painting, 9 m²
Staircase wall painting, grisaille, 18 m²
Beyond traditional artistic techniques, Alexey also excels in designing artistic furniture, with a focus on unique wall mirrors. Each piece is a thoughtfully designed works of art. These mirrors embody Alexey's innovative and diverse talent, enhancing spaces with their unique aesthetic appeal.

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Alexey's oil paintings exemplify a remarkable diversity, spanning abstract art, impressionism, and hyperrealism. His penchant for experimenting with painting techniques yields exceptional results, making each artwork a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and emotional depth.

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30x24 cm, 2022
30x24 cm, 2022
The Bright tree
40x30 cm, 2021
120x90 cm, 2010
The first day
200x150 cm, 2011